International Conference on Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Techniques in Engineering and Technology

The Institute for Research and Development will be organizing an International Conference on Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Techniques in Engineering and Technology.

Taking place on the 27th of April 2014, the AASTE conference will be hosted at Hotel Manvin’s in Panjim.

The conference aims at covering topics of AI, signal processing, pattern recognition, computer graphics, design, intelligent control, civil engineering, optimization and production. Educational to developers, designers and all forms of tech enthusiasts who are interested in the latest breakthroughs of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing.

Apart from this, the conference also covers the application of this technology to traffic and transportation systems wherein its application would ensure considerable cost-effective, convenient and a much secure automobile transit system.


Codeniti Hackathon Goa


Saturday, April 26th from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM


Center for Incubation and Business Acceleration, Verna, Goa

Codeniti is a series of Hackathon for Good where designers, developers and entrepreneurs converge to create apps, software related projects and even websites. With a shared goal of creating a usable software, the hackathon is open to computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers and developers all over the state who register to take part in the biggest social hackathon of Goa.

Opening with a short presentation by representatives and educators, the participants then break up into groups as they design, plan and build a website or application in the assigned time of less than sixteen hours. Persistence, tenacity, ingenuity, energy and team work are some elements that take over the participants during this period.

The Codeniti Hackathon offers the perfect platform in bringing together like minded intellectuals from all over Goa who use technology as well as their shared enthusiasm to create something meaningful, transforming ideas into reality.


Wobbler - The Social Network for Like-minded Individuals

The People at Kaavay, a bunch of tech enthusiasts situated in South Goa have designed and manufactured a brand new social network for your smartphones and tablets that brings like-minded individuals with similar interests together on a single platform.

Wobbler works on a simple chemistry of “wobbling” another user; just like pinging or poking somebody. All a user needs to do is wobble a desired user and wait for the person to reciprocate, and if he or she does, then the chemistry between the two users increases, resulting in higher interactivity.

A chemistry bar graph shows the mutual user connectivity and the need to make the bar rise higher is what pushes a user to interact even further with a fellow Wobbler.

The App is free for downloading and has no additional costs, so if anyone is looking out for an alternate to their Facebook and Twitter can have a go at Wobbler and wobble away!

Jobsoid: Making Recruitment a Simplified Task

Job requirement is always a meticulously sensitive process. It requires a recruiter to send across half a dozen emails back and forth while setting up interviews and meetings. It does get messy and there’s a fair chance that a recruiter might skip out on certain procedures during the process. That’s where Jobsoid comes into place, simplifying a recruiter’s job by a great extent.

What is Jobsoid?

Jobsoid is an Online Applicant Tracking System that will assist a recruiter in simplifying a complex recruitment process in a company, making it a very easy monitoring task.

How Does Jobsoid Help?

Jobsoid helps from the very beginning. Looking to hire somebody? Jobsoid will easily allow you to post a job. Once the applications start flowing in, the system will automatically allow you to schedule interviews with various applicants. Post this, you are given the ability to shortlist applicants, rate their performances, and keep track of all the correspondents without digging into your email.

Jobsoid, with its integrated calendar and job-posting capabilities negates the mundane and time-consuming process of drafting emails and managing an email client amidst the clutter.

While offering a highly user-friendly system, Jobsoid is well-organized and allows big companies to handle recruitment without any clutter and hassle.

Fundlined - Goa’s Very Own Kickstarter

While there are quite a few crowd-funding sites out there in the global market, they are vehemently restricted to American and European territories, making it practically impossible for aspiring Indian entrepreneurs and creationists to ask for a public backing they truly deserve.

Thankfully, that’s where Fundlined comes in. Bridging the gap between a budding imagineer and the crowd out there, Fundlined allows a user to put his thoughts and ideas out to eager masses keen on contributing to something they admire, and turn the idea into a reality.

An Indian Kickstarter, if we aptly put it, Fundlined will give artists, developers, musicians, cooks, and practically anyone looking for a financial backing and funding to find the investors at one place. All a user needs to do is create a profile, put out their product explained thoroughly in a short snappy video, and let Fundlined work its magic effortlessly.

The dearth of a site catering to the needs of young and budding artists looking for a monetary backing is what prompted Siddharth Shetty, a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur from Goa, to create Fundlined.

Apart from offering a platform for ideas and projects, Fundlined is also holding a contest where it will personally fund your project if they think you truly deserve it. If that wasn’t enough to lure you in, the contest prize starts of at Rupees One lakh and goes all the way up to Rupees One Crore! So put on your thinking hat, whip out a beautiful idea and see it come to life! 

Ryerson Futures and BSE-I to Launch Incubator for Startups and Entrepreneurs

The Government of Canada and India are all set to strengthen their ties by various ways and means possible. Their recent initiative is by launching a new incubator for international entrepreneurship and innovations to help new and upcoming startups get a stronger leverage in the Canadian market.

The new accelerator will be launched by Sheldon Levy, President and Vice-Chancellor of Ryerson University and Ambarish Datta, Managing Director of BSE Institute Limited in the presence of His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada.

Ryerson University, a platform for promising bright individuals and entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in terms of innovation and creativity has always been at the forefront of bringing these ideas to the marketplace.

BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) has facilitated the growth of the Indian corporate sector by providing a sufficient capital-raising platform. The collaboration between Ryerson University and Bombay Stock Exchange, will ensure entrepreneurial businesses get the necessary support resources and services developed and orchestrated by the management. This will also help in opening a whole new market for business parties from both the countries. 

The launch along with a panel discussion and company pitching session will take place at the BSE Institute Limited, 18th floor, in Mumbai on Friday, 28th of February. 

The implementation of an incubator will give promising Goan startups a gateway through the BSE to tap into the international market and truly expand and promote themselves at a global level. 

PowerStores 2: Creating an e-Store was Never so Easy for your Startup!


PowerStores, the Goa-based, e-commerce platform that allows a anyone to set up an e-store without any hassle has upped the game by launching the all new PowerStores 2. Here’s what you need to know about PowerStores 2.

A Revamped Workspace

The new workspace looks slick, polished and simplified for easier use. The navigation has been refined and so is the functionality. The new workspace also comes with a mobile-friendly device, meaning you can access PowerStores 2 while being on the move! The workspace is fluid which allows 100% customization of the front end of a website.
PowerStores has delivered a product that allows customers to be able to start easy with them but get more advanced when their business grows.

Mobile-Friendly Themes

The themes being offered by PowerStores 2 are mobile ready to serve a wider range of portable audience while giving the same user experience of the desktop version.

Better Sign-Up Process and Help Center

Apart from the functionality, PowerStores 2 have remodelled their corporate website while offering a new sign-up process making it easier for new prospective startups to quickly set up shop without any hassle. And if you do run into an issue, the Help Center will always be there to guide you in every problem you stumble upon.